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Incremental Backup tool 3.0

This is easy to use tool to backup your data. You can use full backup or incremental backup feature (backup only differences to last backup session). Latest version is 3.0 from 9/2004.
How does it work?
1. Tool looks to all files in specified directory and compares them to backup index (stays in the destination and source folder too)
2. Creates new directory in destination folder (backup folder)
3. Copies all modified files to destination directory and creates new index describing them (including versions, so you can go back in history with your file restore)

Remember that ai-0 can backup incrementaly it self by telling the command ($INCBACKUP$) or any data by command ($INCBACKUP \\computer\share\folder$). It is quite easy to restore the data manualy (index is pure text file and files on destination are not modified) or you can restore it via ai-0 (use command ($RESTORE$) or ($RESTORE$ \\computer\path$)). There will be later standalone restore tool, but i believe you will not need to restore your data until that time.
The encryption functionality is removed when not connected to active AI0 node, so encrypt your archive by other way after you make the backup directory.
Install-free portable application.
Download 0B

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