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Cluster Client/node daemon 1.2.5

Daemon tool is used to simplify the installation of computers used in the cluster, or by other tools in networked environment.
This is the only tool which your installation needs to have ability to take over another node and offer services to another computer connected over LAN. If you start this tool on any computer connected to same network as your Ai0 or compatible cluster is deployed, computer will be detected in couple of minutes.
Comes with LAN chat supporting encryption, alarm and other features. Runs on Linux/BSD over Wine.
More details here...
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AI-0 Folder Index Creator

To help to name, index and describe files and folders or generate commands for Your Ai-0 setup, use this simple index creator. Allows you to generate and read index files, define access class and optionaly encrypt the content. It helps to desktop search tools to navigate this folder based on entered comments too (on PCs where you cannot use AI-0 engines).
Installation: right click on .inf file and choose "Install". You should see than "AI0 Here" on your right-click menu when You chose a folder or drive to describe. Remarks are entered to _index.ai0idx in selected folder.
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AI-0 Secure File

This file encrypts or decrypts local file with just few clicks. Encryption is AI-0 compatible.
This is portable application, no installation needed. To integrate it to Your shell, add application to handle *.ai0ef files and add shortcut to Your "\Documents and Settings\YourName\SendTo" folder.
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Secure Mail Client 1.0

Ai0 Secure Mail client is server/client application for downloading and sending Pop3/SMTP E-mails. It is optimized for fast use and to organize data for easy managing by additional classification tools like Ai0 engine, PHP script (when used on server) and so on. Supports direct pass-phrase encryption without need to install additional packages, filter and replace vocabulary for received but also send e-mails. Install-free portable application.
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PHP Display console answers

Following script displays the logged history on separate web page. Contains features to delete the history (open with answers.php?action=wipe) and autorefresh feature (open with answers.php?refresh=yes).
Usefull to monitore log server log files or answers from Ai0 engine on setup without SQL backend.

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PHP Web command console script

Script to save commands for to command file for client daemon tool or other tools supporting plain file for commands (for example Ai0 engine on setup without SQL backend). Comes with demo page and history in separate file.
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Cy8 HDD Secure Wipe 1.2

Selling harddrive or whole computer can be nightmare for everybody who cares for privacy of his data. Deleted data can be restored even from reformated harddrive and with special tools also when data are overwritten. Secure Wipe fills empty space on the drive with pure random data (every byte is random) and destroys all informations inside deleted files and pieces of them kept on the drive surface. Multiple use of this tool will decrease chance to recover deleted data to absolute zero (recommended is 6times and more for current drives). Format and repartition the drive before using this tool to remove also filenames history and shadows. Use on system drive after deleting private files to be able to sell computer without reinstalling of the Windows. Recommended also for memory cards.
Install-free portable application.
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CY8 Pad (Secure)

This very nice application is kind of password/data vault tool. It allows you to store passwords or any other plain text encrypted with password and contains all features necessary for simple use: window collapsing, BOSS mode, fast editing and read only mode (to prevent unwanted changes) and stays on top or hides to tray.
It is also portable application which needs no installation.
Encryption is of course AI-0 compatible.
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CY8 Launcher

This simple application lets you create start panel for all your important applications. Applications are specified in ini file. Great for portable application folder and AI-0 setup.
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Incremental Backup tool 3.0

This is easy to use tool to backup your data. You can use full backup or incremental backup feature (backup only differences to last backup session). Latest version is 3.0 from 9/2004.
How does it work?
1. Tool looks to all files in specified directory and compares them to backup index (stays in the destination and source folder too)
2. Creates new directory in destination folder (backup folder)
3. Copies all modified files to destination directory and creates new index describing them (including versions, so you can go back in history with your file restore)

Remember that ai-0 can backup incrementaly it self by telling the command ($INCBACKUP$) or any data by command ($INCBACKUP \\computer\share\folder$). It is quite easy to restore the data manualy (index is pure text file and files on destination are not modified) or you can restore it via ai-0 (use command ($RESTORE$) or ($RESTORE$ \\computer\path$)). There will be later standalone restore tool, but i believe you will not need to restore your data until that time.
The encryption functionality is removed when not connected to active AI0 node, so encrypt your archive by other way after you make the backup directory.
Install-free portable application.
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PHP photo gallery

Script which creates in real time photo gallery from pictures stored in current directory. Takes images with _small postfix as optional icons.
Supports multiple column view and private files. File gallery_include.php optionaly searches for all subdirectories and links the galleries in them.
All what you need to get photo gallery is add new directory of pictures to your web server! Usefull also for dynamically generated galleries from AI0.

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Securepad for PocketPC / Windows Mobile

This is mobile (alpha) version of popular Secure pad. Encryption compatible with AI-0 cores. It is not full version but for those needing to secure store passwords, notes, account data on CE compabible devices (PPC 2002+). User interface is same as for common Windows/Linux tool, files are stored in "\My Documents\".
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PHP File upload

This script allows you to upload file to your server from www interface.
Features limit of maximum file size, allow to overwrite option and optional file type check. Do not forget to chmod the folder where you will be uploading.
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PHP Wake on LAN (WOL)

Easy to use script to wake on the WOL capable computer over website. Simply define broadcast address of the network and MAC address of the computer.
Usage: wolsend.php?ipaddr=
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AI-0 PHP Cash 0.1 Freeware, Opensource

PHP script to server-side manage your cashflow, bank accounts, loans, monthly ballance and more. AI-0 indexable format. Requires only PHP, no database. Auto backups. At this moment you need to edit the configuration files manually, entering and modification of entries is over web interface possible.
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